Blueprint North Carolina is a partner-driven backbone organization for 41 advocacy, civic engagement and litigation organizations. Our approach is to implement a strategy for collective impact designed to increase civic participation that results in a diverse base of North Carolinians who think, act and vote in alignment with our core values of respect, compassion, opportunity and freedom for everyone. 

Blueprint is the venue for our partners to scan the policy and organizing environment, identify opportunities and collectively invest in winnable strategies to build power. We do this within our three work groups that focus on Enfranchising Voters, Innovation and Training. 

We leverage economies of scale so the partnership can invest in capacity development that builds our base of supporters, members and activists. We focus on strengthening our abilities to work together. We develop, resource and implement shared civic and communications engagement strategies that increase voter turnout, engage voters in the public dialogue, and develop leadership among our 501 (c)(3) partners.