We are determined to change the public policy debate in this state, and are dedicated to becoming more effective and prolific speakers and writers about progressive ideas and values.  We are determined to engage more citizens in the public dialogue, because we believe that the strongest democracy hears from all people, not just those with the loudest voices or the shiniest megaphones.


We realize that there are powerful and well-funded forces here that believe all problems arise from individual choices, and that the American way is everyone for himself.  We hear them claiming every day to be the voice of the average person, but we know their policies are those of narrow self-interest, not the common good.


North Carolina is better than that, and at the best times in her history we have been very proud—such as when Terry Sanford led in the integration of schools in the 1960s. In comparison to other Southern states we have been leaders in economic prosperity, technology, higher education and election reform, to name a few.

But we can do better.  Blueprint NC’s partner organizations involved are driven by the shared values of justice, equality, responsibility, fairness, community, opportunity, shared prosperity, democracy, and hope. They represent a wide range of issues, including environmental protection, combating poverty, advancing civil rights and personal freedoms, and voter-owned elections.